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We are happy to announce that following advice from government guidelines we are now able to open our doors to our guests for what remains of the season. This will commence from 4th July 2020.

To ensure your peace of mind and safety from the outset certain procedures within the guest house have been changed. Please be reassured that these are only mild modifcations to the running of our business, and in doing so will enhance your health and safety throughout your stay with us. We will outline the changes as follows:

Booking a room and Communication:

Booking a room with us will be the same prior to the closure. This can be carried out over the phone or by e-mailing us directly. A deposit will be taken using a credit/debit card and final payment will be taken on the day of your departure. We prefer not to handle any cash, so card payments are are welcome.

As usual we will greet you when you arrive and to ensure safe social distancing we will arrange a specific time of arrival when you book your room. This will avoid congestion of checking in with other guests.

If you feel unwell prior to your arrival it would be advisable to contact us as any symptoms of the virus mean that you would not be able to check-in.


All of our breakfast menu will be available, but to avoid sharing we would ask guests to order their breakfast the night before. This will ensure you have full choice of the menu, and food will be individually prepared and covered at all times. Therefore good standards of food hygiene will be adhered to.

Breakfast will also be served at two different times. This is to allow for adequate spacing and enjoyment of your food with less people in the dining room at any one time.

We would kindly ask that you keep to your allocated individual table each for the duration of your stay to avoid sharing.

Good Housekeeping:

On your arrival hand sanitizer is provided on the counter as you enter the front door. All guest to make use of this each time you return to the guest house. Soap is also available in all bedrooms.

To prevent transmission by touching surfaces all communal doors will be kept open. This will reduce touchpoints. This does not apply to fire doors or bedroom doors.

Handrails and front doors handles will all be wiped down daily.

To promote good standards of hygiene we have removed soft furnishings from your room, such as bed throws and cushions. Your information pack will also have been removed, again as a means of reducing the risk of transference of infection. We will be happy to advise personally on what restaurants and bars that are open or on any other activities in the town.

In order to replace items used from your hospitality tray and to enable us to refresh cups and water etc. we would ask guests to vacate their rooms while we do so.

Many thanks for your understanding regarding the above. We hope you enjoy your stay with us and do not feel these measures detract from your holiday in anyway. If you do have any other concerns please do contact us on Tel:01297 442929.

Kind regards

Sandra and Sue.